Mannitol & Parkinson’s Disease Proving the Concept Leveraging the Power of the Crowd

Announcing interim analysis of Clinicrowd’s First Crowd Survey of the effect of Mannitol on Parkinson’s Disease Patients- Promising Early Results
May 30, 2018

Clinicrowd is a crowd-based platform dedicated to collect and analyze real-world data from patients who choose to take nutraceuticals which are approved by the FDA as safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, there is no economic incentive to test these substances
in official clinical trials, although they have the potential to help patients.

CliniCrowd has launched a generic, broad, online, secured platform which investigates and validates scientifically-based, safe, affordable and easily-accessible solutions for diseases that, to date, are not being researched due to lack of financial incentive. These solutions, may lead to a healthier and better life for individuals with various ailments and medical conditions, including, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and more. The platform provides analytics and shared insights allowing the individual participant to better manage her/his personal symptoms; improving and impacting the lives of all those who suffer from the same illness. CliniCrowd is not a pharmaceutical company nor a medical consultant. We see our role as providing data and connecting the dots to provide evidence, backed by a wealth of data. By the Crowd – For the Crowd.

Since the launch of the platform in 2017, more than 1,500 Parkinson’s patients from 42 countries worldwide decided to test Mannitol through CliniCrowd’s platform. 78 of them who consumed Mannitol more than 6 months, (The Placebo effect on Parkinson’s Disease
can last 6 months) reported continuously, through the Clinicrowd’s platform and we used only their data for the following report:

To date, 56 % report of improvement in their Parkinson’s grade and symptoms despite the disease progressive nature. Best improved:

  • 90% regained sense of smell;
  • 86% improved their facial expression.
  • 81% improved their gait.
  • 80% had less hallucinations.
  • 78% showed improvement in Scale of Energy and Vitality.
  • 77% showed improvement in their muscle cramps.

While these early results show a positive trend, we need significantly more Parkinson’s patients data to provide steadier results and get a stronger validation for the effect of Mannitol on Parkinson’s Disease,(the survey is ongoing). Therefore, any Parkinson’s patients who
decided to use Mannitol is encouraged to report to the repository at . The new website includes a personal area that presents for each patient his or her personal progress. All your personal data is kept confidential and CliniCrowd takes all reasonable measures to protect it from unauthorized or accidental access.

This is a community project : By the Crowd, For the Crowd, we urge any one of the Parkinson’s community who is connected to another Parkinson’s communities or Media (Newspapers, Websites) to share this newsletter and inform as many Parkinson’s patients about this project .

For more detailed observations please contact us at

Important notes:

CliniCrowd does not provide any medical advice.
This is not a clinical trial, this is based on reports made by patients who chose to report back on the status of their disease while taking Mannitol in addition to the regular drugs prescribed by their Medical Doctors.

CliniCrowd does not sell Mannitol and is not affiliated with any Mannitol manufacturer.

The reports are based on surveys similar to questionnaires which are frequently used in clinical trials.