Over the two weeks we have had a lot of interest in our post regarding the sweetener, Mannitol and preclinical studies suggesting that it prevents the clustering/aggregation of the Parkinson’s disease associated protein, alpha synuclein.
Such high levels of traffic had us scratching our heads as to why the sudden interest.
Yesterday the reason became very clear.
Today we are following up the Mannitol post with an update about some of the interesting developments. On the Thursday December 15th, Channel 1 (MABAT) in Israel ran a news article; this presentation was in association with a new start-up called ‘CliniCrowd‘ which is a “crowd sourcing platform exploring disease treatments that Pharma companies have no interest to investigate or promote”.

CliniCrowd is a social impact company that has built an online platform, which provides a registry for people to sign up to and share personal experiences of researched nutriments.

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If you are a Parkinson’s patient and you are willing to join our registry, please go to the Parkinson’s page for more information and the registry